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Acutonics // What Can it Do for You?

Acutonics // What Can it Do for You?

For the past few weeks on the Nectar Blog we’ve been examining the many facets of springtime allergies. To conclude our exploration, we interviewed a local holistic health practitioner to learn about the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture and acutonics to restore energetic balance in the body and alleviate allergy symptoms. 

Dr. Brian Farlinger operates Metta Healing, a multi-functional clinic space located in Gastown, Vancouver. Having studied and trained in Canada and China, Brian is a Registered Acupuncturist and has explored many 'alternative' forms of healing including acutonics, phytobiophysics, and counseling. Brian’s many interests include music, photography, fine art, poetry, dance, culinary arts, and travel. 

We spoke to Brian about his experience practicing acupuncture and acutonics, how these modalities can provoke energetic changes in the body, and the role these treatments can play in treating allergies. 

What is acupuncture? 

Brian Farlinger: Acupuncture is a foundational practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The whole idea of Chinese medicine is Qi, which is vital life energy, and it comes in different forms. You can influence the way it flows through body with acupuncture needles. However, acupuncture isn’t just about putting needles in the right points, there is a lot more to it, there is a lot of human energy involved. Human love and warmth are part of the whole package. As a holistic modality, acupuncture involves the body, mind, and spirit, and sees it all as one. When you’re treating pain you’re treating spirit.

“Practice with love and kindness because it’s your own energy you cultivate that helps your patient.”

What is acutonics? 

BF: Acutonics is like acupuncture in that you access the flow of energy in the body through the same points. But rather than use needles that penetrate the skin, acutonics is a non-invasive modality based around sound and vibration. Tuning forks are used which have been tuned to special frequencies, which are healing frequencies, derived from nature.  These forks are applied to acupuncture points on the body to remove energetic blockages. You feel more open, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Rather treating a physical symptom, it’s about treating the underlying imbalance, and then everything gets better.

How do the tuning forks work?

BF: Each fork is generally associated with a planet or a moon. Each cosmic body moves in a certain cycle, and that cycle has a specific frequency and personality, which provides a special effect. 

"It’s really fascinating, blending mythology and science, healing from the cosmos."

Why do you prefer to practice acutonics over acupuncture?

BF: I feel there is more creative space while practicing acutonics. It’s very subtle and non-invasive. For me, that’s one of the major benefits to it. Acutonics invites people to totally surrender to the experience, and the more people surrender, the more effective the treatment will be.

How could acutonics play a role in allergy prevention and treatment?

BF: With acutonics we treat the body, mind, and spirit, to help the person become healthier, balanced, and fluid. This type of treatment can benefit the immune system to promote optimal functioning. As allergies are a result of immune overreaction, we want to fine-tune energy in the body to minimize reactions. The overall goal is to have the person operating in a more balanced way so the allergies just aren’t an issue anymore.

Can you describe your understanding of the relationship between healing and art?

BF: I believe the highest healing and the highest art are spiritually derived. They come through us. And they’re in the same territory. This is a particular modality that is both healing and beautiful music. 

“What’s beautiful is healing, and what’s healing is beautiful.”

This interview has been condensed and edited. 


Dr. Brian Farlinger recommends acutonics and acupuncture to treat virtually any issue or imbalance. Treatments are customized to the individual and provide a profoundly relaxing, uplifting, and deeply healing experience. Call to book your appointment or make a request through email. 

Metta Healing 
Suite 614-55 Water Street St.
Vancouver, BC


With Love and Nectar, 

Liza @liza.jane.c

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