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Trick or Treat? Halloween 2015

Trick or Treat? Halloween 2015

It's that time of year, everyone: Halloween is only a few days away! 

What is everyone planning on doing to celebrate? Whether it's trick-or-treatingpumpkin-carving, visiting a haunted house, or hitting up a costume party, we hope that all of you who choose to celebrate in some way have a wonderful time.

In the meantime, here at Nectar we can't help but brainstorming some ideas for the potential post-Halloween bloat and discomfort. Don't get us wrong; we love dressing up and treating ourselves to sweets just as much as the next person! 

We just know from experience how unpleasant it can feel in our bodies after a little too much holiday indulgence, which is why we've come up the following list: Nectar's Halloween Essentials, designed to help keep you nourished, happy, and healthy this weekend. Enjoy!

1. Who doesn't love the taste of apple cider in the fall? Charm, the newest addition to our Nectar line, is our cold version of this classic fall beverage, but with an extra twist.

Aside from red apples, Charm contains ginger and turmeric to support your liver, the organ in our bodies responsible for detoxification, and cinnamon to help regulate your blood sugar levels (plus, we just love the taste so much!).

Ask your juicerista for example next time you stop by!

2. Looking for a healthier option to satisfy those sweet cravings? Give Zimt Artisan Chocolates a try. Founded by yet another one of Vancouver's impressive young entrepreneurs, Emma Smith, each and every product in the Zimt line is raw, vegan, organic, and made with ethically-sourced ingredients

Plus they taste absolutely divine! We can't wait to try Emma's next creation.

3. Who else enjoys cooking with pumpkins this Halloween season? We love roasted pumpkin seeds as a quintessential savory Halloween snack! Not only are pumpkin seeds tasty, they are also one of the more nutrient-rich seeds and provide a great source of Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc, to name a few.

Try out Chloe Elgar's recipe, the inspiring certified nutritional practitioner and holistic entrepreneur behind Chloe's Countertop. 

For another creative pumpkin recipe, we are thrilled to share with you Chloe's Pumpkin Mac n Cheese, a scrumptious vegan recipe Chloe generously offered to us to share with our beloved Nectar community. Stay tuned for a bunch of new recipes she'll be sharing on her website soon.

Thanks for sharing with us, Chloe! We can't wait to try this one out!

4. Looking for a sweeter option for your pre- or post-Halloween meal? We love our partner Kits Kitchen's jams + spreads, especially their seasonal cranberry spread.

A perfect addition to cheese and your favorite cracker, or for something more elaborate, try it atop filo pastries with goat cheese, pecans, and rosemary. Delicious! 

5. There's no better time to go for your first float at our beloved Floathouse neighbors right here in Gastown.

What is a float anyway? Floating is a practice where you enter a float tank or isolation tank and float effortlessly for 90 minutes in 10 inches of water that has approximately 800 pounds of Epsom salts dissolved in it. It is a simple way to achieve a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness, and is extremely beneficial for your long-term mental health and wellness.

Floathouse team members Brad and Robbie will make sure you have everything you need to ensure a relaxing and fulfilling first float. Go say hi sometime! Or check out their website for more information.

6. What better way to relax and recharge after a long, potentially sweets-, treats-, and socializing-filled weekend than an aromatherapeutic experience with the Recharge Package from our friends at Woodlot?

Each Woodlot candle is carefully handmade using only clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax, and their body products are all made in small batches to ensure the finest quality.

In this package, your candle, soap bar, and mineral bath soaks are scented with an uplifting blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Mmm, hello this Sunday evening!

7. And last, but certainly not least, give yourself a moment to get outside and be with nature. It was Albert Einstein who said:

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."

If this shot captured a couple weeks ago by the lovely Brit Gill doesn't inspire you enough, we're not sure what will.

We live in a beautiful city. This is a beautiful time of year. And it's looking to be a fun, exciting weekend. 

We wish everyone a lovely Halloween weekend and we hope you've enjoyed our Halloween Essentials list! 

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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