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Introducing Liza Our Resident Nutritionist and Alchemy Genius!

Introducing Liza Our Resident Nutritionist and Alchemy Genius!


I want to introduce myself as one of Nectar’s Holistic Nutritionists. My name is Liza and I’m the girl with turmeric stained hands and beet juice decorating my shirt. I recently moved to Vancouver to shake the Etch a Sketch of life and see what the west coast is all about. Equipped with my rain boots and pots and pans, I arrived with clear eyes, a full heart, and an empty stomach I was hoping to fill with mushrooms and wild salmon. During my first week in the city, I was drawn into Nectar Juicery where I discovered a little sip of juice heaven. I’ve been blending, alchemizing, and nourishing the people of Gastown ever since!

I earned my designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. Last winter, I escaped the classroom to work and explore on a biodynamic farm in the Costa Rican rainforest. I got my hands dirty with tropical microbes while studying soil science, herbal medicine, fermentation, and organic regenerative agriculture. I garnered a deep appreciation for cultivating the earth and connecting with the rhythms of nature. I’m looking forward to revisiting these teachings in my garden this spring.

Working with Nectar, my goal is to spread information, health, and happiness to build community and cause a ripple effect of consciousness. I aim to use my passion for whole foods and nutrition to develop a practice as a wellness educator, empowering people with knowledge and autonomy. I invite you to follow the Nectar blog as every week I will be sharing recipes, tips, and tricks to guide you towards experiencing greater vitality. I will be exploring topics in health and wellness from an ancestral lens to uncover and appreciate the unique powers of adaptability and nutritional wisdom within all living things. Please follow along or speak to me in store about your nutrition inquiries.

With Love and Nectar,

Liza @liza.jane.c

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