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Ayurvedic Winter Salads

Ayurvedic Winter Salads

Nectar has launched a food menu at the shop! We have enjoyed hours of recipe
development and testing for snacks, salads, and smoothie bowls to bring you even
more nourishing offerings this winter season.

First, meet our food team – Liza and Chloe! Liza is new to Vancouver, hailing
originally from chilly Toronto. She recently earned her designation as a Certified
Nutritional Practitioner following several years of self-education. Liza spent the winter
of 2015 working and studying at a biodynamic farm in the Costa Rican rainforest. She
is the brain behind our nutritionally balanced recipes. Chloe is a North Vancouver
native and passionate foodie, yogi, and artist. Seeking a place to deepen her yoga
practice, Chloe spent last spring in the kitchen of a traditional Sivananda yoga
ashram. Inspired by the whole-foods diet at the ashram, she then went on to get a
certificate in plant-based nutrition. She is the creative busy-bee behind the new food
operations at the store.

Inside scoop: Liza refers to Chloe as “Yoga Chloe” and some people, especially
Nectar’s owner Tori, thinks Liza looks like someone who would have the name
Chloe. So, you’re free to mix and match Liza and Chloe in our world.
Before we reveal the entire winter menu, we want you to know a little about how
you can get warmth and nourishment from some raw foods during the winter

Since the cold season can make us feel dry and chilled, it is helpful to find balance by
consuming moist, dense, and oily foods. This is a principal of ancient Ayurvedic
medicine, based on earth elements and finding homeostasis in the body through the
contrasting qualities of food. In accordance with the natural rhythms of the season, it
is beneficial to eat heartier foods in the winter, which lend their stability and strength
to provide protection and resilience to the body.

As we are now in the winter season in the Pacific Northwest, it is ideal to be
consuming root vegetables and other plants that are seasonal to our region. Eating
root vegetables in the winter may keep us grounded and balanced; their growth
beneath the soil provides a dense quality of nourishment. Winter is also a time to eat
plenty of nuts and seeds, which are a source of high-quality fats that provide
sustained energy. We can’t forget the spices! This is a great time of year to support
the immune system and create natural warmth in the body with spices like cinnamon,
cumin, cayenne, and turmeric.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to serve you two winter salads at Nectar. The
Creamy Kale Salad and the Crunchy Carrot Salad.

The Kale salad is made with lots of love and intention. Kale is one of the few
vegetables that are improved by a touch of frost, unique among the leafy green
family. We massage the kale with Chloe’s special mustard-tahini dressing and then
add black olives, sunflower seeds and a gluten-free quinoa cracker. The salad is
calcium rich from the tahini and kale and is full of energizing fats. The dressing is
sweet, sour, salty, and oily – perfect winter flavours. We know you will feel
comforted, satisfied, and nourished by this raw winter salad.

The carrot salad is a crunchy, colourful bowl of carrots and purple cabbage, topped
with currants and lentils. Cabbage and carrots also grow well in the Pacific
Northwest during this time of year and they become more crisp and crunchy to
withstand the cool weather. Liza made the perfectly sweet and spicy dressing with
cinnamon, cumin, cayenne and turmeric. We garnish with fresh mint to bring balance
and freshness to the palate. The purple cabbage is featured for the support it gives
the liver to eliminate toxins, something we all need after the holiday season! This
salad contains the desirable winter qualities and is intended to provide you with
satisfying warmth.


Stay tuned for more on the food menu and come by soon to grab something at our Gastown location for lunch!

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