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Community Feature: Lauren Elbe, Founder of Nuez Milk

Community Feature: Lauren Elbe, Founder of Nuez Milk

Tell us about Nuez.
Nuez Milk is real nutmilk. We make the highest quality organic nutmilks with real food
ingredients and without any fillers, stabilizers or preservatives. My goal for our company is to provide the dairy alternative to every high quality coffee shop in Vancouver!

What inspired you to start Nuez?
I decided to start Nuez because I wanted to be a part of the food industry and food community. There is SO MUCH crap food out there on the market, and its not reasonable to expect everyone to spend hours in the kitchen making everything they eat from scratch. I wanted to make foods that people could have everyday that would contribute to their well-being and that are convenient. I want to nourish people so they can live life to the fullest.

Why almond milk?
I first started drinking nutmilks as a replacement for dairy because I became very interested in the treatment of animals in “conventional” industrial operations and realized it wasn’t something I wanted to support with my dollars. As I learned more about the food industry and wellness through studying holistic nutrition, I realized that many vegetarian options are full of fillers that do not nourish the body and decided I needed to make my own from scratch. The flavour of fresh nutmilks is completely incomparable to Tetrapak almond milk I could never go back!

What do love most about your job?
I love working with my hands. I love working with the life force energy that high vibe foods are full of. I love being able to provide nourishing foods that people really appreciate!

What is your relationship to Nectar?
I have been working with Nectar since the beginning three years ago. Tori allowed me to use space in Nectar's kitchen at a very low rate when we were just getting started, without that support Nuez wouldn't exist now. Now we are sharing her kitchen full time at the 7th ave location. We love working with Nectar because we have the same values with food. We both believe in providing the highest quality foods that deeply nourish body and spirit. I really appreciate and value our relationship with Nectar.

What do you love most about your community?
I love my community! There are so many luminous women and men who are doing really
amazing things for the world in their own way. I feel like people in our community are really
curious about how to live well and do well in the world today. Everyone has a interesting and different perspective and path related to those questions and its thrilling to witness and be a part.

What's the coolest thing you've foraged?
A few weeks ago we were visiting our friend Rick at his farm Roaring Creek in Lillooet and I was wandering around his orchard and noticed some apples that were still on the tree and were a little bit frozen. I took a bite of it and it turns out it was a little bit fermented and frozen so it tasted like apple cider sorbet, it was AMAZING!!!
In terms of foraging for wild plants I would like to encourage everyone to seek out an elder,
teacher or a book to learn about proper protocol for harvesting. I am seeing more and more that people are taking more than they need or too much from one particular place (especially near the city). I get a lot of enjoyment from seeing plants and knowing what kind of medicine they contain (either spiritual or physical) I don't necessarily always need to harvest to fully enjoy the spirit of the wild.

Tell us a strange fact about you.
I never wear makeup!

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