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Elaine's One Day Cleanse

Elaine's One Day Cleanse

We had Elaine from Local Wanderer takeover our Instagram during her one day cleanse. Incase you missed it, here are a few of her key learnings: 

      1. I learned my body constitution which helped me understand what is best for my body in regards to food, exercise, and daily rituals. 
      2. I learned how to properly listen to what my body is saying to me, and that there are tips and tricks I can use to take care of this sweet body of mine.  
      3. Everything is connected - and taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. 
      4. Adding true cinnamon to my water/coffee is great for immunity (and tastes fantastic) 
      5. Nectar is a house for wellness, and they're using their cleanses to springboard people's lives. They helped show me how to turn a remedy into a ritual. 

Curious about a cleanse? Pop into any Nectar to have your questions answered, or check out our cleanses here:

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