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Nectar Staff Feature: Amanda Chelsea

Nectar Staff Feature: Amanda Chelsea

Amanda Chelsea 

We recently sat down with Amanda, our Food Production Manager and Kundalini teacher, and asked her a few questions...


What led you to begin working at Nectar?

My body! It pulled me into Nectar shortly after I moved to Vancouver. I’ve always been inspired by nourishment and body awareness. Nectar is a beautiful blend of both. 


You’re Nectar’s food production manager.. what do you love the most about creating our food?

I love knowing I can contribute to more happiness and lightness in people’s bodies through ancient medicinal herbs and remedies. The science, art and beauty of blending it all together to create change and healing with ease. I wonder would it take to have more happy bodies on the planet? 


You have a really amazing side hustle, starting an 8 week Kundalini program with us at Nectar.. tell us about it! 

This yoga series brings together my two favourite things; food and movement! During these 8 weeks people will be guided through Nectar’s eight “Elevation Points”. Each class will give an opportunity to change and create something different within your body, through Kundalini Yoga and an Adaptogenic Tea. How does it get any better than that? 


You have the most contagious laugh.. what gives you joy? 

This beautiful earth! The ocean, warm sand, salt water & french pastries. 


Describe yourself in three words?

Potent, Creative & Playful 


What adaptogens do you incorporate in your daily ritual?

Cordyceps and Reishi! I am in love with my current morning ritual; an almond milk latte with fresh lavender and cordyceps.  

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