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Six ways to sustain the post-cleanse high

Six ways to sustain the post-cleanse high

It is especially important, in the days following a juice cleanse, to love and nourish your body with an abundance of easily-digestible, whole foods and body-kind ritual. Here are six ways to bridge the gap between your fast, and your everyday life; so that you can experience ongoing energetic euphoria, and live on in the post-cleanse glow!

1. Create a meal-plan for the days following your cleanse; and pre-purchase the ingredients needed. This ensures that in that transitionary period of over-excitement, when the ‘food fantasies’ are out of control, you won’t have to reach far to find something beneficial for your body

2. Eat simply. Complex food combinations require more digestive-output; so support your system and stoke your digestive fire by eating simply in the days following your cleanse. Try broths, steamed vegetables, salads, wild-caught fish, and blended soups.

3. Take it easy through the transitionary period. Even though you’ve finished the cleanse, your body is still working to remove deep toxins. Don’t feel the need to jump straight back into intense, vigorous exercise. Try a light, gentle movement practice; like yoga, swimming, or walking in nature. You can enhance the detoxification process by spending time in an infrared sauna.

4. Use the day after your cleanse to reflect on the experience. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What did I desire to get out of the cleanse (clarity, improved digestion, greater energy, more motivation)?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of the cleanse?
  • What three words would I use to describe the experience?

5. Good habits feel good! Create a daily ritual that lights you up and brings you into your body. A daily ritual could look like: lighting your palo santo when you wake up and telling yourself five feelings you desire to experience today, infusing your morning coffee with the healing power of adaptogens, or enlivening your digestive system with a fresh-pressed celery juice.

6. Cleanse your space. Cleansing creates spaciousness; so use this time to minimize the number of ‘things’ in your life. There is an abundance of resources out there on minimalism, de-cluttering, and the magic of tidying up. Learn how to transfer your home into a space of serenity and inspiration.

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