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The Joy of Journaling ~ with the 2018 Planner by Danielle Laporte

The Joy of Journaling ~ with the 2018 Planner by Danielle Laporte

This is the gift I offer to every new entrepreneur.

The tool that guided me in birthing Nectar.

Through journaling, through having that conversation with myself, every day, I discovered the clarity, the strength, and the courage to bring my vision to life.

My deepest desire for you, is that you carve the time out of each day, to practice.

Practice ritual, practice nourishment, practice gratitude. Practice, practice, practice.

This planner becomes the edifice, to evolve your life around.

~Tori Holmes, Nectar Juicery


As we arrive in to the new year, now is the time to reset your intentions. Become clear on your desires. Set goals with soul.

Set a sacred space. Light your palo santo. Take a drop of blackberry flower essence under your tongue. Brew a pot of Reishi tea. Open to a blank page, and write.

Journaling is a practice of inner-exploration; of getting to know your self, your truth, your bliss. Allow your thoughts, dreams, and desires to flow from your heart out on to the paper.

Don't judge as you pour forth your wishes. Don't analyze, scrutinize, or measure. Let the hopes you have hidden away over the course of last year, come back to the surface. Look at them, with trust of their divine manifestation.

Do you desire to feel more abundant? nourished? energized? confident? sacred? loved? evolved?

Write it down.

Then, if it feels good, follow your heart-pour with more structured journaling. Define your intentions (desires, goals) for each of these areas:

  1. Relationships (love, family, friendships, colleagues)
  2. Spirituality (meditation, daily practice, rituals, books, self-enquiry)
  3. Work (birthing your business, finding balance, financial goals)
  4. Community (activism, environmental conscience, finding community)
  5. Wellness (healing, rest, diet, nourishment, exercise)

A tool we love and work spiritedly with at Nectar is the Danielle Laporte planner. Full of scheduling-space, soul prompts, calls to gratitude, goals, and to-do's; it has become the vessel for our daily self-reflection. For checking-in. By embodying a daily ritual of realignment, we hold our desires at the core of what we do. Life becomes less about fulfilling the needs of others, and more about consciously choosing the path which best aligns with our intentions, in every moment.

The continuing gift of this planner is that it creates a soulful space to return to when you feel lost, disconnected and aloof. By using the energetic freshness of a new year to become clear and intent, we plant the seeds for a cycle of joy and connectedness. Then, as the seasons change, life becomes hurried, and January turns into June, we have something to come back to; to realign our daily actions with.

Remember, 'any ritual, is an opportunity for transformation'. So instead of turning on the news, or scrolling through your Instagram feed when you first wake up in the morning, try journaling. Open your planner to the day, and have a conversation with yourself. It is from a place of knowing, of understanding where you are at, mentally, physically, and emotionally, that you can offer yourself what is needed to find balance. Feeling anxious? Add Ashwagandha to your morning smoothie. Desiring to feel more grounded? Go for a walk outside.

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