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Our Team

We are always looking to grow our team of dedicated juicers. We value people who live a nourished life and are eager to share this philosophy with others. Join us in our dynamic start-up environment filled with laughter and creativity.

Our Values

We put love and care into cultivating nourishing relationships.

We are committed to mastering our craft while staying true to our values.

We only provide the "cool aid" we are excited to drink ourselves.

We empower others with our knowledge of health and wellness.

Currently Seeking

Juiceristas: You are an independent juice lover who wants to get involved from the ground up. You are ambitious and willing to get involved in all areas of the business including food prep, production, bottling, and demoing.

Juice Fairies: You live for your community; you’re always at the coolest fitness classes, or volunteering with the newest charity organizations. You have a car and will be tasked with the responsibility of getting our juice into as many happy bodies as possible.

Juice Monkey: You’re as much of a foodie and a juice lover as us but you love tinkering with large equipment. You can put your big strong muscles to the test by lifting vats of juice and are always willing to throw down a plank competition in the office.

Nectar Demo Rep: You’re the face of Nectar in our Juice On Tap programs at corporate offices and our stores. You absorb knowledge as quickly as nutrients and are able to educate and inform communities into becoming juicers for life.

Juice Accounts and Sales Rep: You like to woo as much as you like to juice; you manage our juice accounts and keep people happy and full of the greens they need. You are passionate about helping us develop a juice culture in the world.

Digital Strategist: You don’t go anywhere without your laptop and your green juice. Your experience in website maintaining and social media is an asset while you rock out our marketing campaigns. Experience in the Adobe Creative Suite is a definite plus.

Book Keeper: You have experience working with a growing start-up. You have strong attention to detail and are very reliable.