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Share the love (and juice!) with the people you work alongside each day. Have Nectar delivered fresh, either on tap or bottled, and help improve employees’ immunity, productivity, and of course, just plain feeling good.

We can stock your kitchen on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – or you can include us at your next even or lunch and learn. Get in touch to get started.




Igor Faletski – CEO, Mobify

"Nectar is more than a healthy, delicious and nourishing product - it's now a part of the Mobify culture. Meetings and events get scheduled around juice delivery times and we've recently doubled our order. We highly recommend it for every office in town."


Ryan Holmes – CEO, Hootsuite

"We chose Nectar because providing clean, fresh food is a hugely appealing to the young, active team we have. Alongside yoga, stand-up desks and a nap room, fresh juice seemed like a natural thing to bring in, and it's been very well received. Keeping our team healthy is key to morale and performance and Nectar is a favourite perk of many Hootsuite employees. While everyone is filling their glasses, conversations start around health, activity and lifestyle, the discussions couldn't be any better for the success of our team."


Chandra Brun – Employee, Hootsuite

"We, love having juice at the office! When I'm juicing regularly I feel a huge impact, from more energy to better sleeping at night and more. I just love that I can incorporate health and fitness in to my work day, it's so important to me and adds a quality to the office that is invaluable. I'm not wanting to leave the office all day long so I can go home to 'be healthy' by making juice there or working out because those things are available at work. Makes a huge difference!"


Karly Neveu – Employee, Hootsuite

"There is something to be said about waking up on a Monday morning and running with excitement to the office for some delicious juice. It is inspiring to know our employer sees the value in supplying such a positive treat and allowing new juice indulgers to see the value of their health at work. Cannot get enough Nectar!"


Kurtis Wallis – Employee, Hootsuite

"Before the Nectar program was launched, I would consider myself an infrequent juicer, more by opportunity rather than lifestyle. Having access to juice has boosted my self-awareness of health and happiness at work. There is a lineup for juice every delivery and a keen interest in what elixir is available to make us more alert, enhance our concentration, or attack those nasty toxins that have built up over the weekend. It's great that as an employer, Hootsuite has taken steps to invest in my health and wellness and shows me that they care about my well-being. Juice is definitely one of the employee programs that has boosted morale for me here."


Adriana Lukas – Employee, Hootsuite

"I now look forward to Mondays because I know that there is juice waiting for me! In addition to actually being delicious, I love the effects that Nectar Juice has had on me physically and mentally. The vibe in the "juice lineup" is always a good one and I look forward to deciding which effects I'm looking to accomplish that day. Whether I feel like I am lacking energy, focus, or stimulation, there is always a juice waiting to help. I feel energized and revitalized regardless of which one I choose. Nectar's juice is hands down my favourite perk that we have here and I appreciate that Hootsuite is investing not only in something that I consider a treat, but also in my health :)"


Cormac Norton – Employee, Hootsuite

"Having juice on tap is in my opinion the best benefit provided by Hootsuite. While we have other great perks in the office such as beer and wine on Fridays these are not accessible to all staff as people who drive to work, have kids or simply don't drink alcohol cannot take advantage of this perk. Access to the gym and yoga classes are an investment in our health and juice tops them all as everyone can feel healthier while they work."


Samantha Wheeler – Employee, Hootsuite

"I have digestive issues/colitis and have been juicing on my own for a while but i really haven't felt the benefits of juicing until drinking Nectar. Hydration, electrolytes, energy and stomach feeling good is what i need to get through my week. I also don't really like coffee, Nectar juice beats the benefits of a coffee by far! The knowledge and nutritional insight behind Nectar Juice's makers is great, you know what your drinking is good for you, but actually understanding what it is that is making you feel great is too."