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Why Cleanse?

You've tried everything to try to feel better – fad diet after diet trying to eat healthy but your mind and body are tired. So why not reset your health? Juice cleansing is the first step. It's modern nourishment at its best. It's a short-term commitment for a long-term gain.

Did you know that inflammation is the main cause of disease in the body? It's the cause of fatigue, poor skin, poor sleep and can also cause issues with your mental and emotional health. All disease stems from inflammation.

Juice cleansing is about detoxing. It's about giving your body a break by flooding your body with absorbable nutrients. Most importantly, it's about balance – the balance of art and science, giving you a heightened awareness of what you put into your body.

When cleansing is done right, it can give you more nutrients in one day than most people get in one week. Nectar has been designed by Ayurvedic practitioners, holistic nutritionists and naturopathic doctors to connect you with your own optimal health. Our formulaic juices complement your body's natural process of cleansing. This is what sets our cleanses apart.

Put simply, a Nectar juice cleanse gives your body a break. You deserve that.